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Rotas DIY Bearing Device


SKU: Rotas 17 inch

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SKU: Rotas 17 inch
  • Features
    • Build your own creations or download our plans
    • The ROTAS™ is a freely rotating bearing device
    • Essentially a high density plastic that can withstand immense pressure, heat, cold, and other harsh conditions.
    • ROTAS™ systems are certified and tested to successfully operate under more than 4,300 kilograms (9,500 pounds) of pressure without any loss of performance.
    • By fixing the ROTAS™ to the bottom of the furniture piece, it allows the almost 180kg piece to spin effortlessly with the touch of a finger, and without any lubricant.

    Some applications that ROTAS™ systems could be used for are:

    • Wardrobe systems
    • Kitchen islands, bars, pantries, and other cabinetry
    • Garage floor platforms
    • Amenities in hotel rooms
    • Amenities in cruise liners
  • Materials
    • High Density Plastic
    • DuPont patented product/material
  • Size Specifications
    • 430 mm
  • ROTAS™ Rotating System Specifications
    • Freely rotates at the touch of a finger.
    • Self-stabilising rotational bearing.
    • No lubricant, servicing, or maintenance is required or necessary.
    • NOTE: Does NOT come with an automatic rotating motor. All Lazy Lee units are intended to rotate manually by hand.
  • Warranty
    • Lifetime Warranty on all Rotas
    • Terms and Conditions Apply

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