ROTAS™ by Lazy Lee®

Designer/inventor Lee Goldsticker sought a better mechanism to propel his innovative, space-saving closet storage furnishings. The device he originally invented for this task was made of metal and required a stabilising pin. Lee wanted a device that was impervious to heat, cold, and moisture, offered substantial weight load tolerance, and was maintenance-free. In his search for that perfect material, he contacted colleagues at DuPont who encouraged him to experiment with Corian—a product, they assured him, met all of his design and performance criteria. Not long after that marriage of creative ingenuity and perfect material, production of the ROTAS™ by Lazy Lee® began.

Our Application

We have integrated the ROTAS™ to spin a wardrobe for shoes, clothing, bags, and more. By fixing the ROTAS™ to the bottom of the wardrobe, it allows the almost 180kg wardrobe to spin effortlessly with the touch of a finger, and without any lubricant.

How does it work? Two Corian plastic tracks which hold a number of Corian balls perfectly placed and fitted to distribute the weight of the entire wardrobe unit, and allow for an effortless spin.

Other Applications

ROTAS™ systems utilise an elegant design, and holds beautiful pieces of furniture that can be very easily placed in any area of the house, office, or commercial environment. The personalisation and customisation options for this rotating device are as endless as its potential applications. For individual applications, the ROTAS™ comes in device-only packages. As mentioned above, the ROTAS™ does not require lubricant.

Some applications that ROTAS™ systems could be used for are:

  • Wardrobe systems
  • Kitchen islands, bars, pantries, and other cabinetry
  • Garage floor platforms
  • Amenities in hotel rooms
  • Amenities in cruise liners
  • …much more!
Diameter Thickness Weight load Bearing Capacity Colour Price
30.48cm / 12" ½" / 12mm 4,300kg / 9,500lbs Standard White $TBD
5.72cm / 18" ½" / 12mm 4,300kg / 9,500lbs Standard White $TBD
60.96cm / 24" ½" / 12mm 4,300kg / 9,500lbs Standard White $TBD
76.20cm / 30" ½" / 12mm 4,300kg / 9,500lbs Standard White $TBD
91.44cm / 36" ½" / 12mm 4,300kg / 9,500lbs Standard White $TBD

*All Corian track balls are 1” in diameter and come with each system