Our company, Lazy Lee Limited, has the exclusive rights in Australia and New Zealand to market the rotating furniture designs using the patented ROTAS rotating bearing devices. The device is an invention of Lee Goldsticker from the USA and is currently being promoted around the world.

An array of rotating furniture will be available in the near future, however currently only the wardrobe systems are on offer.

We are committed to providing a sensational product range of unique rotating furniture designed to expand available storage in the same space.

Approved Lazy Lee® Resellers

We have opened up our wholesale network to approved resellers all over New Zealand. By approving specialized cabinet and wardrobe installers as official resellers, we can seek to decrease shipping costs and increase unit delivery time for customers that do not live in busy, metropolitan areas.

We will constantly be adding more resellers in the up-and-coming months, so be sure to watch out for an approved Lazy Lee® reseller nearest you!