Make the best use of your corner space

New, innovative spinning furniture that transforms your messy room into the organised space you’ve always wanted! There are various models of wardrobes available and a pantry all rotating at the touch of a finger using USA patented ROTAS™ technology.

  • Shoe Spinner

    Known as “A Woman’s Dream”, our WORLD FAMOUS Shoe Spinner is used to store shoes, bags and small clothing items. This unit is a must for any shoe fanatic!

    • Vertically adjustable shelves.
    • Holds up to 200 shoes!
    • Rotates at the touch of a finger.
    • Self-stabilising rotational bearing.
    • 10 different colours.
    • $1990.00 – $2340.00
  • Double Hang

    The Double Hang product line is the happy medium for people who have lots of shoes and hangable items, and is perfect for a shirt-and-shoe storage combination.

    • Over 1m of hanging space.
    • 16 side shelves, 8 middle shelves.
    • 2 hanging rods.
    • Self-stabilising rotational bearing.
    • 10 different colours.
    • $2090.00 – $2390.00
  • Valet

    The most space-efficient all-in-one wardrobe in market. The Valet models contain hanging rods, drawers, hooks, shelving, and even a full length mirror!

    • Vertically adjustable side shelves.
    • Hooks, rods, drawers, and a mirror.
    • Self-stabilising rotational bearing.
    • Perfect all-in-one wardrobe.
    • 10 different colours.
    • $2990.00 – $3290.00
  • Shoe Spinner Retro

    The Sophie is a Shoe Spinner shelving solution that will fit within an existing wardrobe and rotates to maximise the storage capabilities for nearly any space for shoes, bags, folded clothing items, and more!

    • Can hold up to 100 shoes! Exact number of shoes that will fit depends on size and style of shoe.
    • Vertically adjustable shelves.
    • Uses less than 1 square meter of floor space!
    • $1850.00 – $2050.00
  • Pantry

    The Pantry unit is a is great storage solution for any kitchen! Store canned goods, boxes of cereal, cleaning products, and even pots and pans!

    • 16 middle shelves.
    • 16 side shelves.
    • Shelf racks to hold in products.
    • Self-stabilizing rotational bearing.
    • One size, 10 colours.
    • $1950.00 – $2250.00


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